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WE-EF are specialists in exterior lighting. It is a trusted manufacturer of high-performance exterior luminaires, combining state-of-the-art lamp and control technology with advanced optical systems and superior mechanical engineering. Established over 65 years ago in Germany, the WE-EF Group is now comprised of seven companies, in eight different locations worldwide. An extensive network of partners provides both product and service support.

In our rapidly changing industry 'old generation' discharge lamps have quickly been superseded by more modern light sources such as ceramic metal halide and LEDs - both of which can be found in luminaires featured on this website - offering distinct advantages in their respective fields of application.

Intelligent design, intelligent engineering, intelligent light technology - the core competencies, that make WE-EF a leader in exterior lighting.

Design and Engineering
The most important element in the design process is the development of luminaires that encompass timeless design; in other words, design that best reflects their enduring qualities.

In addition, state-of-the-art engineering brings with it the highest standards with regard to environmentally-friendly materials and processes, i.e., high IP ratings, excellent thermal management and innovative optical systems. The development of high-end, efficient reflectors and lenses is one of the core competencies of WE-EF. This means compliance with international lighting and safety norms, while meeting the criteria of such organisations as the Dark Sky Society. Continual investment in research and development is the basic condition for meeting these requirements. WE-EF innovations, such as IOS® Innovative Optical Systems, CTA® Cool Touch Adaptor, ASC Anti Slip Coating and OLC® One LED Concept, are just some examples of the company's continuing investment in technology.

'Made by WE-EF' is more than just an expression; the high quality level of in-house
production processes includes:

Tooling for HPDC and injection moulding
Aluminium high-pressure die-casting
CNC machining
Pole manufacturing

Through continual investment in tooling, production processes and the ongoing education of our employees, we are able to achieve the highest standards of quality. In exterior lighting, the corrosion resistance qualities of a product are important for their reliability and longevity. A durable and reliable corrosion protection can only be achieved when Product Development and the Production Processes are considered together. Years of research, development and practical testing and experience in some of the harshest climates on earth has resulted in WE-EF's unique 5CE corrosion protection system. It encompasses five critical elements; Material, Conversion Coating, Powder Coating, PCS Polymer Coated Stainless Hardware and Process Control. Only complete systems such as 5CE can provide reliability and longevity in exterior environments.

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