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Porta romana

At Porta Romana we value two concepts above all others, design and craftsmanship. It takes very special Makers to turn our designs into reality and we work with the most exceptional people across many disciplines

In our workshop every technician starts as an apprentice, despite many being practicing artists and Arts Graduates. Nevertheless, you start at the beginning, priming and sanding. Slowly, slowly the training builds and the language of our finishes is learnt.  We are always talent-spotting, and we look for the those with an eye, a special way with a brush, and it is those we pick to develop our new finishes.  A new finish can take weeks to develop, sampling the layers up and down from darkness to light and then back again, a little more brightness here, a little more subtlety there.  We say, if you can see how it’s done, it’s not a Porta Romana finish.

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