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Olympia Electronics

Olympia Electronics was founded in 1979.The company is active in developing innovative electronic safety and security systems by using state of the art technology. The Human resource of Olympia Electronics is 174 employees, with 10% in R & D dept. The company is the dominant Greek enterprise in the electronics safety and security industry. Olympia Electronics' products are exported in 72 countries worldwide.
Olympia Electronics is one of the oldest and largest Electrical & Electronic manufacturers in Greece and in 1981 entered in emergency lighting manufacturing process.
In 1985 entered in fire alarm manufacturing process.
In 1986 became the dominant firm in Greece as concerns Electronic Safety and Security industry.
In 1989 we are starting our export activities
During 1990 and 1999 the company expands its products (9 families)while is remaining the dominant firm in the market.
During 1999 and 2004 the company is awarded by many institutions for its successful & innovative business activities.
On February 2005 we gained the EFQM (European Foundation Quality for Management) recognition

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