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Martinez ort

Since 1905, MARTINEZ Y ORTS group has been dedicated to manufacture every different kind of lighting fixtures. Through all these years, the evolution of lighting styles in fashion has been constant, being our organization leading the changes to give its clients the proper design for each moment. The knowledge on lighting fixtures for so many years and the continuous effort of our organization to improve quality, maintain always our products at the top. Our 7000 square meters of factory and 70 workers enable us to give the right manufacturing answer to any request, being able to manufacture custom designs no matter the size or shape. In this way, in MARTINEZ Y ORTS group we are proud that million of homes are some more comfortable with our lighting articles as well as commercial bussines, palaces and official buildings all around the world.
After all these years of experience we developed a very specific objective: to give the best quality and best service to people relying their business on us.

Товары Martinez ort

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