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Many years have passed since 1893 Enrique Mariner Gurrea opened a small shop lamp factory and began a work that 5 generations later their descendants continue. Their original craft workshops, even before electrification, have given way to modern facilities, which is still made by hand lamps and furniture decorating the most luxurious homes and palaces around the world.

A constant in the five generations of the Mariner’s house, has been the pride of work well done. Our craftsmen permanently have transmitted their experience from generation to generation, and have collated the new techniques with traditional methods of design, quality materials using high quality manufacturing in our lamps and furniture.

Every project requires to imply behind the symbiosis between the artistic, technical, professional and craft, characteristics that define very precisely the Mariner’s working philosophy.

The classic range of furniture includes French, English and Spanish models. Styles like Louis XV, Louis XVI, Regency, Directory and Charles IV, are widely represented in the MARINER's production.

In Decorative Accessories a wide range of models used in such diverse materials as alabaster, resin, wood, always combined with classic brass features.

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