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Luminara is company specialized in the production of pure design contemporary lightings. Luminara is a name that comes from the desire to explore new aesthetic rules and to experiment forms of lighting closer to man. Today in a world that more then ever today is rushing toward technology. Luminara is able to warm man's heart and illuminate his mind and not just the environment. Luminara lamps are special works. genuine lamp-scultures that draw their originality from a sentimental and poetic design idea, as opposed to a scientific approach to the lamp meant as aseptic light container. Their mpdern appearance is the result of a modern interpretation of cultural references and suggestions of the past, in particular the 60s and 70s. Luminara lamps are creative projects of contemporary beauty and are filled with memories. Luminara collection aspires to touch the heart to inundate every corner of our home with a warm, elegant and reassuring light. Luminara, transversal to the passing time, is a choral collection that count a variety of voices and styles. Luminara: light objects celebrating the never-changing charm of light.

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