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Ilti Luce

Ilti Luce was born at the end of Eighties and it has focused its activity on new lighting technologies in order to provide the best quality and reliability.
Into the Ilti Research Lab laboratory are designed all lighting solutions engineered to meet the needs of architects, lighting designer and industry professionals. The constant attention to research and innovation, has allowed the company to achieve more ambitious targets. Over the years it has integrated fiber optic systems, which Ilti Luce has introduced as one of the first in Italy, with a wide range of LED luminaires, by starting the test since 1999, the year of the first prototypes presentation to Euroluce exhibition.
Today Ilti Luce is an international company. Since 2009 is owned by Philips and operates as LED Premium Brand in the Professional Luminares segment, but is keeping the Italian appeal that has always distinguished it.

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