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Circa Lighting

At Circa Lighting, our priority is to provide an outstanding experience.  Whether through our sales and customer service center or one of our boutique lighting showrooms, you will have access to experts to consult with in choosing the products best suited to your project, budget, and schedule.
With an unparalleled assortment of designs and finishes, Circa Lighting is the quintessential Lighting Resource.  Our products are hand crafted using the highest quality standards and materials while offering extraordinary value.
In addition to our extensive studio collection, Circa Lighting offers exclusive lighting from the most influential talent in interior design.  From reinterpreted traditional to casual luxury, these designers are true lighting icons.
We welcome you to visit one of our boutique lighting showrooms or view our entire collection online.  As you select from these carefully curated products, our staff will ensure you discover the lighting best suited to your needs

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