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Blackbody oled

OLEDs, or Organic Light-Emitting Diode revolutionizes the way we experience light. It is a component based on the latest development of nanotechnology. OLEDs are bright surfaces less than two millimeters thick that revolutionize lighting. Similar to a light leaf, it is today one of the most efficient lighting sources Durable, extra flat, light, not heat inducing, these light sources in the form of slabs are reinventing home lighting and our relationship to light in general. It is cool to the touch and can be viewed directly without need for a shade. With OLEDs, we do not design simple lamps – we sculpt and manipulate pure light.

Contrary to the traditional lighting system like standard light bulb, including LEDs, OLEDs offer a new way to use light. A standard light bulb uses a heated filament, while a LED is a crystal in which electrical energy is directly converted into light without heat. The OLED lights use the principle of direct conversion of energy into light, using molecules rather than crystals. Thanks to OLEDs, light diffuses much greater illuminating surfaces and allows them to be designed and shaped. They belong to the family of semi-conductor lighting sources just like LEDs which are commonly used for outdoor lighting and automobiles. However, OLEDs rely on organic substances such as carbon and hydrogen to emit light. Thanks to the use of these substances, OLEDs become one of the most eco-friendly lighting sources, indeed direct recycling OLEDs is possible.

BLACKBODY is an advanced technology, used by renowned designers. Our knowledge, expertise and unique French manufacturing process allow us to create innovative designs. Blackbody collaborates closely with designers to create cutting-edge lighting solutions that will change the way people experience light in their everyday lives. Traditional lighting solutions leave little opportunity for visionary innovation. BLACKBODY, through the application of its OLED technology to lighting offers a new relationship with light, with endless creative possibilities that reveal the full potential of light.

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