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It all started in 1899 thanks to Giuseppe Banci who founded his workshop restoring iron crystal and glass chandeliers in the historic centre of Florence. Today, after 115 years of worldwide success, the workshop is now a company in its fourth generation assisted by a management team. The know-how starts from wrought iron and hand weaving of precious crystals, a value craftsmen retain to this day as one of the main competitive advantages. For over a century, Banci has been a point of reference in the world for classic and luxury furnishings giving prestige to the most refined and exclusive interiors. The company is identified as the Italian brand that fulfils the most exclusive and prestigious dreams for decorative, classical and contemporary residential lighting, offered via its catalogue and bespoke products for the contract market. Additional furnishings were added to the core business ‘lighting’. The company's philosophy has always been based on the recognition and high quality of Italian modelling and processing; with the production process carried out within the company and integrated with a high standard of quality service before and after sales. This has not only set the standard for Banci but is an advantage when the market demand shifts to more specific requests for extreme product customization, even in a single piece, with fast delivery times.

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